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Southampton man sentenced to six years in prison for burglaries and car theft

News   •   Dec 17, 2018 15:33 GMT

Ryan Crowther, 26, of no fixed abode was sentenced to six years behind bars on Friday 14 Dec after he admitted to seven burglaries and stealing two cars during a 10 day crime spree in June 2018.

Crowther broke into homes on West End Road, Edelvale Road, Wynter Road, Balaclava Road and Oaktree Road between June 10 and June 20. In total, Crowther broke into seven houses and from two of those, he stole car keys and the owner’s cars. He also stole, wallets, bags, jewellery and electrical items.

Crowther stole a van from a home on Balaclava Road on June 17 which was later located outside a home on West End Road as was a Nissan Juke, that he stole on June 20 from a home on Oaktree Road. Crowther had stolen the car and armed with his victim’s credit and debit cards, he visited several shops and fraudulently purchased ice creams, breakfast ingredients and scratch cards.

The Operation Hawk team based at Southampton Central Police Station tracked Crowther down when fraudulent card usage was reported on one of the cards stolen from a burglary on West End Road on June 10, when Crowther began his spree.

Based on that information, Operation Hawk tracked him down to a home on West End Road and found the two stolen vehicles parked outside. Upon searching the premises, the team found items linked to all seven burglaries and arrested and charged him that day.

He had been remanded in prison ever since.

On November 16 Crowther appeared before Magistrates and such was the evidence against him, he pleaded guilty to all nine charges.

Today, he has been sentenced to six years imprisonment for his crimes.

Leading Operation Hawk is Detective Sergeant Will Whale, he said: “Crowther went on a crime spree and targeted homes at all times of the day, helping himself to anything of value. Most distressing is that he stole people’s cars, drove them around few a hours and then discarded them like they were just toys. This type of crime really affects the lives of those targeted and means they have to not only recover from suffering the intrusive crime of burglary, but also the shock of having their freedom and independence taken away from them, not to mention the financial burden Crowther left in his wake.

“We understand the impact these crimes have on our communities. We are dedicated to grasping every opportunity we have to catch offenders like Crowther, get justice for victims and make Southampton that little bit safer.”